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The name Pursoma comes from ‘pur’ - French for pure and ‘soma’ - Greek term meaning ‘of the body’. Soma is also an important term in Ayurvedic medicine which is ‘something in and of the body that allows you to access your inner soul’. Soma is the integral part of transition, whether physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Shannon Vaughn has lead a lifelong pursuit of health, wellness, and beauty.

The virtues of good health were instilled in her early on. Growing up with a hippie mom in Maryland, she learned that you are what you eat, so always eat well. When she was discovered by Ford Models, her new career took her into a whole new world where nutrition, beauty, and self-care took on a whole new meaning according to industry and lifestyle demands. Seeing other models begin to experience adverse effects from not only lack of sleep, poor diet, but also the the cosmetics they were using day after day , she learned that whatever you put on your skin could also seriously impact your health.

After modeling, Shannon started down a path of inquiry. First earning her degree with an intensive curriculum in philosophy and the history of mathematics and sciences at St. John's College, she also studied at institutions such as the Kripalu in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, The Rose Program in New York City, and The American Institute of Vedic Studies in Rishikesh, India. Her curious nature led her around the world for many years, spending significant time living abroad in France, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia, learning the local culture's of health, beauty, and wellness along the way.

Upon returning to the U.S., Shannon was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. She was only 32 years old. Doctors recommended a course of action including surgery and long-term medication. Through endless research, Shannon carefully curated a team of alternative practitioners, healing modalities, and practices. She embarked on a life-changing cleanse treatment that detoxified her system. Through mediation, diet, supplements, and an intensive focus on eliminating toxins through the skin, Shannon was able to heal herself. Once she reclaimed her health, she saw that beauty radiated from within.

Inspired to share all she had learned, Shannon founded Pursoma in 2013. Tapping into her vast knowledge of wellness practices and extensive network of experts in the field, Shannon formulates each treatment using the best whole, raw, and natural ingredients available to benefit mind, body, and spirit.

Pursoma Detox Beauty creates Radiant Rejuvenation. Shannon is so very honored to share it with you.