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"I wanted to share a great story with you:

The day after our event, Friday, we had a woman come in the store who is going through chemotherapy and specifically came to us looking for Pursoma products. She's been feeling so run-down, tired, and drained from her treatment that she wanted to do something healing and powerful for her body.  We talked through the different treatments with her and she took home the Digital Detox and Hot Tub bath treatments. She told us that a member of one of her cancer support groups had recommended clay baths but that she was having a hard time figuring out what kind of clay, what kind of salts, etc. She found out about Pursoma and came to Union Market to see us just and purchase the treatments. I think that's such a powerful example of what Shannon was talking about when she said she wanted to take the guesswork out of these treatments for people and it's a testament to how Pursoma goes beyond so many "standard" beauty products.

Thank you again for joining us and I know the rest of the stores are excited to schedule events with you soon!"

- Alyse, Shop Follain