A Letter From Shannon on COVID-19 and Personal Health

Dear friends, family, and colleagues,

Like many of you, I’ve searched for answers concerning the COVID-19 global health pandemic. Statistics indicate that the United States leads the world in both confirmed cases and COVID-19-related deaths. In my frustration and concern, I’ve questioned data collection and testing procedures, and whether the tests are even accurate.

I’ve wondered why there seem to be fewer cases of COVID in places where social distancing is difficult to implement, such as in crowded cities in India and Brazil. Are the tests unreliable, or are US cases really higher? I’ve consulted with doctors and scientists, and I wrestle with the question as to why COVID-19 hit the United States with so much force.

What I suspected months ago was exactly what the CDC recently confirmed: This crisis is an immune system issue. COVID-19 typically targets people (92%) that have pre-existing health conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and respiratory issues.

As an owner of a wellness company, the well-being of other people remains foremost in my mind. And as a woman who previously struggled from complex health issues, and overcame them, I understand the profound importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle when it comes to managing one’s health.

The basics of good health pivot on a foundation of good nutrition, adequate movement, and getting regular, quality sleep.

Further, it’s significant to note that the US food pyramid changed in 1977 when it became less focused on eating fresh, whole foods. These include fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. The food pyramid shifted to meat and dairy-focused recommendations, and research indicates that this change was detrimental to the health of our citizens. The standard American diet, which is linked to an array of chronic illnesses, is now more focused on animal products, refined sugar, and processed foods that it was in times past.

As such, while so much of the current discussion concerning how to treat COVID-19 is centered on vaccine development and medical testing, the importance of which I don’t underestimate, we must also consider the collective health impact of unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits. In order to effectively manage this public health crisis and others moving forward, it’s critical that we rethink the Western diet and our high stress, often sedentary lifestyles. Short-term solutions can’t address the glaring nutrition-related crisis contributing to such poor wellness outcomes in the United States.

I’ve attached an interesting article, which, unfortunately, is not making headlines, about the staggering rates of COVID-related deaths in people with diabetes.

I send this article with deep concern to all those I care for. I urge everyone to help, support, and encourage those you love to make their health a priority. Type 2 diabetes is often treatable and can be reversible, with good nutrition, adequate movement, drinking plenty of water, and getting good sleep each night. I hope this information is helpful to you and your loved ones.

Warm regards and in health,


"Many of their vulnerabilities can be traced to high blood sugar, which can weaken the immune system or damage vital organs. COVID-19 appears not only to thrive in a high-sugar environment but to exacerbate it. Recent evidence suggests the virus may trigger new cases of diabetes.”


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