April Self-Care Guide

It’s officially Aries season. Aries is a cardinal sign (or reacting sign) that leads us into the new season of spring and also kicks off the entire zodiac wheel. Aries (and the month of April) lead with blind optimism, barreling through life and into a new season with electric energy and impulsivity. 

Fire signs are known for reacting after they leap, which can mean that sometimes they learn things the hard way, which in turn can cause stress (didn’t your mama tell you to think-it-through?!) So how will you remind an Aries to take time for themselves? To process what they’ve learned? And how will you take your own advice this season? We got you.

1. Hot Tub Cold + Flu Symptom Relief 

In a time where health means everything, we’ve created a soak that will treat body aches and pains, decongest chest and sinuses, and improve circulation and thermo-regulation. It’s the spirit and body prescription you need. 

Cure + Restore > 

2. Bain de Pied

Give your feet a break. They deserve it! They hold you up all day. They fit into all types of crazy shoes. They’re the things that literally ground us. They’re the foundation to your body. And they’re often the thing that’s most forgotten — but they deserve to be taken care of too. Bain De Pied foot soak is the perfect use-anywhere way to recharge, recuperate, and restore after a long, hectic day.

Walk This Way > 

3. Revive Coffee Body Polish

Wake up your body with the ultra-exfoliating, skin-toning and moisturizing REVIVE scrub. Caffeic acid and hand harvested French Grey sea salt purify the skin and boost circulation while our signature silkening rice bran dry oil blend replenishes moisture and locks in hydration to leave you feeling energized, toned, and so, so smooth.

Wake Up >

4. A gift for you! 

Subscribers will now receive a free gift with purchase — our Sleepover Face Oil.

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