Bath, Not Binge

It was funny, at first. Last March, when lockdown was announced and humanity was holed up at home snow-storm style, I’d receive texts from friends who’d confess to having a glass of wine at lunch. On a Tuesday. Or others would send me an invite for a Zoom cocktail hour. At 3:30pm. The singles were using it as a way to survive the extreme isolation. The married were using it to survive the extreme togetherness. And parents were using it to numb the memory of shrieking their way through the hell of homeschooling. While people were panicked for toilet paper and water, I was calling the local liquor store, securing a case of wine. I’m not proud. In fact, that’s the problem with alcohol. Sure, its effects on the body are serious, but too few of us talk about the shame involved. 


While popping the cork was an understandable (hopefully temporary) coping mechanism used to survive the fear and stress of Covid, it has morphed into a way of life. Fast forward to nearly a year later, and we’ve all been drinking waaayyy too much for waaayyy too long. (Except for my husband, who quit (QUIT!) drinking as soon as lockdown set in.)

Pursoma to the rescue! As a way of answering the call for help from those who wanted a way out of the drinking loop and to examine their relationship with alcohol, we created the “Bath, Not Binge” challenge. For nine consecutive days, we invited a handful of volunteers to commit to replacing a nightly drink with a pre-bedtime bath. The overall result was, in a word, relief. Turns out, folks were more than ready to insert a reward into the end of the day that was healthy, clean—and shame-free.   


Remarked a participant, “I really enjoyed being a part of this challenge. I thought the baths absolutely did what they were intended to (something I was a little skeptical of after my experience with similar "detox" programs from other companies). However, I thought the baths were high quality and for sure helped stave off cravings and form better habits.” We challenge you to do the same. If your budget won’t allow for bath soaks, find an affordable reward that you can place into the end of your day in lieu of alcohol.

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