Bathe Like You're Swimming in the Sea

If you’ve ever emerged from a swim in the sea, then you know how uplifting and enlivening it can be. The feeling of raw salt, sun, and water droplets on your skin reconnects you to how alive and clear your body and mind can feel.

Getting out of a Pursoma bath is the next best thing to stepping onto the beach after submerging your body in seawater. Trust us when we say, this soak is unlike any at-home bathing experience you’ve ever had. Stepping out of a Pursoma bath is a transformative mind-body experience.

Reclaim Your Peace of Mind

Letting go of cumulative stress is the crux of any effective self-care practice. Essentially, managing stress well is what self-care is all about. Without efficient tools, ongoing stress can disturb your peace of mind and deplete your energy. Anxiety, agitated thoughts, and an exhausted body are signs that you need to take care of yourself.

When you commit to making time for you, you can shift your experience of stress into profound resilience and strength over time. In these uncertain times, travel to far-off beaches in order to rest and relax might not be accessible for you. Now, more than ever, finding creative ways to care for yourself can help you stay well during challenging days.

Incorporating baths into your “me time” routine is about disconnecting from technology, relaxing your mind, and detoxifying your body as you rest in the bath. Detoxifying baths can be deeply healing for your entire being. All you need is a bathtub to stretch out in, hot running water (the hotter the water the deeper the detox), and a bag of your favorite Pursoma soak.

We’re here to give you the tools to take charge of your well-being. With our pure, raw, and unrefined products, you can transform your bathroom into a sanctuary space.

Our Secret: Raw Sea Salts

Hand-harvested French grey sea salts are the secret to the clarifying power of a Pusoma soak. Our raw sea salts are never chemically processed or oven-dried. They’re hand-harvested moist and used in their natural state. Soaked in mineral-rich ocean water, our salt beds are given time to gradually evaporate in the natural heat of the sun.

Remember that exhilarating swim in the sea? That feeling is all about connecting to the natural world while engulfing your body in pure saltwater. The ingredients in our soaking treatments are maintained in their total purity so that you can sweat, hydrate, and recover as deeply as possible as you bathe.

“Wet cultivated, harvested, and packaged while still moist, our sea salt retains all of the sea’s mineral content — unlike other sea salts that are bleached and dried, which can remove much of their vital nutrients.” Shannon Vaughn, Founder & CEO of Pusoma

When harvested using these traditional methods, sea salts retain their therapeutic benefits, such as soothing aching muscles, boosting circulation, and helping create gorgeous skin. No matter how frequently you do or don’t travel to the sea, a daily, at-home bathing practice is one of the simplest and most profound ways to help heal your body, balance your mind, and enliven your senses.

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