Build Your Own At-Home Spa

Adrienne Shostak of Bespoke Aesthetics knows a thing or two about creating a spa-like experience for her clientele seeking naturally beautiful skin. That's why we brought her into Pursoma headquarters to get her expert advice on creating a sanctuary space in our own homes.

Adrienne has been at the forefront of the newest skincare technologies and solutions in the reversal of aging, acne, rosacea, scarring, and pigmentation. Her passion for the science of self-transformation has its roots in her own debilitating issues with acne and scarring.

Unable to find relief despite years of dedicated medical treatment, Adrienne began researching the skin and determined to find her own solutions. It is therefore from a client’s perspective that she developed her uniquely flexible and transparent “bespoke” approach, filling the gaps traditional skin treatments presented.

More than just a facial, her custom treatments fuse the beauty and relaxation of a spa facial, the science and technical precision of a dermatologist, and the meticulous eye of an artist to empower the true beauty of her clients to shine through.

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