How to Make Your Winter Wellness Routine More Cozy

A winter wellness routine is your best defense against cabin fever this season. While winter may seem cozy at first, day after day spent indoors can get old fast. An easy-to-follow winter wellness routine is an essential indoor activity to spice up your self-care ritual.

Hygge is a Danish word that means a feeling of comfortable coziness and wellbeing. You can experience a hygge vibe right in your own home with the help of this winter wellness routine. When weather has you stuck inside, here’s how to make yourself feel better.

Your 8 Step Plan to a Winter Wellness Self-Care Routine

Step #1: Fan the Flame

Danish households love a fire in the fireplace to create a cozy vibe. They also tend to use a lot of candles. Before you hop in your tub to soak, put out some gorgeous candles and set them alight. Turn off the overhead lighting and bask in the glow.

Step #2: Warm Yourself From the Inside

A cup of something hot is sure to instill a sense of coziness. Whether you favor sweet (hot cocoa, mmmm!) or prefer a cup of calming tea, prepare your mug before hopping in the tub and sip your way to a sensation of serenity.

Step #3: Let There Be Light

The sun plays a role in the production of serotonin, a chemical in the brain that makes you feel happy. When there is less sun during winter months, it stands to reason it would have an effect on mood. You can purchase an LED light designed to simulate sun exposure. Try turning it on during your sweat and rest period after soaking.

Step #4: Sweat It Out

Speaking of the sweat and rest period -- are you skipping this important step in your self-care routine? This cozy, comforting time after your purifying bath is essential for deepening the cleansing process. Plus, it feels amazingly relaxing and is the perfect time to meditate.

Step #5: Warm Weather Mindset

The beautiful thing about the mind? It can transport you anywhere you want to go in an instant. Take advantage of your meditation time during sweat and rest by visualizing yourself lying on a beach in a peaceful tropical locale, letting the sun warm your skin.

Step #6: Pick Up a Good Book

There’s no better time to start a new read than the season of winter. A book that teaches you something new stimulates the mind and kicks winter doldrums to the curb. Shannon has been reading Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza -- a book on overcoming mental hurdles for better wellbeing.

Step #7: Start Journaling

Shannon also recommends journaling daily. Handwriting your thoughts improves your memory. And it’s amazing the problems you can solve when you get them on paper. Buy a pretty journal and set aside a few minutes at the start of each day to free write.

Step #8: Appreciate Your Winter World

Winter often brings on the blues, but it’s a beautiful time of year too and there are blessings to be counted. Take a page from the ever-inspiring Gabby Bernstein and play the appreciation game by yourself or with a friend or your significant other. You may be amazed at all you have to be thankful for and a feeling of gratitude is an instant mood booster.

Adding any of the above tips into your winter wellness self-care routine will boost your mood and make getting through shorter, darker days feel brighter.

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