Essential Oils for Emotional Wellbeing

Think of the last time you inhaled the scent of your favorite flower. Perhaps you felt more present, calm, and joyful, even for a moment. Essential oils are made by extracting the essence of plants, including stems, flowers, and bark, via pressing or steaming, so that these compounds are available for therapeutic use in a highly concentrated form.

Aromatherapy is part art, part science, and it’s been in use since ancient times. Simply put, when you inhale essential oils, scent molecules travel to the part of your brain which governs your emotions (the amygdala). Not only can you use oils to help quiet anxious thoughts, they’re highly effective for lifting your spirits as well.

Your emotional wellbeing is a critical facet of your overall health. Mind-body harmony can make all the difference when it comes to balancing all aspects of your being. A clear mind, and emotions that feel manageable, can help keep your stress levels in check. Further, minimizing stress as much as you can helps to keep your immune system strong and well functioning.

Commit to Taking Care of You

When you know that you can take good care of yourself, life feels safer, more joyful, and full of possibilities, especially when times get rough. If ‘COVID fatigue’ is hitting you hard, know that it’s time to double down and take care of you.

Bathing with essential oils is a powerful way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. As you relax and soak, the hot water helps disperse the aromatic molecules. As such, you may find that you feel more emotionally calm and mentally clear as you bathe. If you’re wondering which oils are best used for boosting your emotional wellbeing, we’ve got you covered. Not only do we include essential oils in our bath soaks, our therapeutic, hydrating body oils are also full of healing aromatics.

Enchance your Self-Care Toolkit

While keeping your self-care practice simple can help you manage your routine as life gets busy, it’s never a bad idea to explore new tools as you go. Some of your self-care favorites will stay with you for the long haul, while you might upgrade others from time to time. Gentle massage with our body oils after your nightly bath is a wonderful way to hydrate your skin while inhaling healing aromatics. We encourage you to add the following to your bathtime to bedtime routine.


Pursoleil Body Oil

Pursoleil helps brighten your mood while soothing tired, aching muscles. This essential oil blend is grounding, healing, and calming, and includes the following oils for optimal emotional wellbeing.

Blood Orange

  • Some research shows that vibrant blood orange essential oil can amplify your emotional wellbeing by reducing the effects of stress. Blood orange may also help ease depression, grief, and anxiety.


  • Aromatherapy with rosemary is an excellent way to help buffer the effects of ‘fight or flight mode’. Inhaling rosemary can help reduce the amount of stress hormone cortisol in your blood.


  • Both calming and invigorating, cardamom is spicy, warm, and floral. This oil is excellent for easing anxious thoughts, boosting your mood, and promoting greater mental clarity.

Sleepover Face Oil

Our Sleepover Ritual Face Oil is all about promoting deep rest and quality sleep. While deeply hydrating for your skin, this essential oil blend also helps calm and restore your spirit.


  • Frankincense is a resin-based oil, and, as such, can help support your body’s innate ability to heal. This oil may help ease feelings of loss, grief, and emotional trauma.

Pink Lotus

  • Pink lotus can help soothe a frazzled nervous system and calm anxious thoughts. This oil can also help sharpen mental clarity, improve concentration, and assist in the treatment of anxiety and depression.


  • Dreamy, romantic jasmine oil can help promote feelings of calm while increasing positive emotions. Jasmine has both calming and sedative effects, and can help soothe anxiety while promoting deep, blissful sleep.

Purbebe Starry Night

Purbebe Starry Night is the perfect massage oil for baby’s skin after bathtime. This mild, soothing oil helps promote a restful night’s sleep and sweet dreams for your little one.


  • While soothing and comforting in its effects, calendula essential oil can help strengthen emotional resilience by strengthening an overtaxed nervous system. Please note that pregnant women and people with allergies to the Asteraceae family (chamomile, echinacea, feverfew) should check in with their doctor before using calendula.


  • This beautiful oil has deeply calming properties that can help relieve emotional distress and tension. Some research shows that lavender can help ease anxiety and depression by promoting a well-regulated nervous system.


  • Tangerine is both calming and revitalizing. This uplifting oil has long been used to promote creativity, a sense of playfulness, increased feelings of joy, and an optimistic outlook.

Your Emotional Wellbeing Matters

When it comes to reaping the total mind-body benefits of self-care, using long-term consistency is the best way to get the most out of your practice. The healing effects of taking good care of yourself only get better with time, so, no matter what, commit to making time for you. When you unplug, rest, and allow yourself time to recover from the demands of life, you have that much more to give in the ways that matter most. 

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