Female Founder Feature: Shannon Vaughn on Beauty and Wellness

Pursoma's female founder, Shannon Vaughn, knows the connection between beauty and wellness on an intimate level. Hot on the heels of International Women's Day this past Saturday, we bring you a behind-the-scenes look at the health issues that spurred Shannon to create the Pursoma brand and what this female founder learned through developing a self-care routine.

A Behind-the-Scenes of Female Founder Shannon Vaughn’s Inspiration for Pursoma

Everything can change in an instant. One day as Shannon was out for a ride on her bike, she suddenly collapsed in a field. One moment she thought of herself as healthy, the next she was facing a formidable diagnosis.

Doctors told her an ovarian cyst could affect her reproductive system and compromise her ability to have a healthy family, something that is important to her as a woman. At the same time, Shannon was also dealing with an advanced case of PTSD due to exposure to a war zone while living abroad.

The prescription for these illnesses? Surgery and a lifetime of medication.

Shannon felt there had to be a gentler way to treat her whole body – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically – which led her to seek out alternative healing modalities through homeopathic remedies and holistic medicine.

The results were amazing.

Not only did Shannon’s health improve, but she also discovered a vital way to support whole-body wellness. The self-care ritual.
“I believe that the breakdown of our society is the breakdown of our health, by creating healthy habits one can reverse this and thrive.” Shannon Vaughn
She learned that the clean beauty you use on your skin affects your whole body and your beauty. What you eat and bring into your home are also essential factors to consider in a healthful lifestyle.

When selecting ingredients for Pursoma products, Shannon set out to source the purest and most potent beauty ingredients to cleanse the skin, body, and mind of impurities, urban toxicity, and lifestyle stressors. Traveling the world, from deep-sea kelp beds to shallow salt beds, each ingredient used is personally hand-sourced and selected by the founder, which led to the development of the Founder Sourced Ingredients Initiative (FSI), an invitation to other clean beauty creators to bring new transparency to beauty and wellness.

Rigorous research guided her formulations to deliver ritualistic beauty products in an appealing and accessible way. Perfect for modern living.

The bottom line is that we all experience stress on some level, whether it be mental or physical illness, emotional stress, or environmental stressors due to the modern lifestyle.

Shannon created Pursoma, combining beauty with wellness, so others could experience what she had and feel well too. Pursoma products offer a sense of total body rejuvenation, improved feelings of restfulness and relaxed mind, mental clarity, and boosted energy.

Proof that women and mothers possess the power to take wellness into their own hands and create something beautiful. Not only for their own lives but the lives of others.

Beauty and wellness don’t have to be mutually exclusive. And Pursoma is proof.

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