Full Moon Bath Ritual

Nature, our greatest teacher, shows us that women are drawn towards lunar cycles, given that ee tend to ovulate during the full moon and menstruate around the new moon. Therefore taking time every month to practice self care around the full moon can be very restorative. When we take “me” time to create a full moon ritual we not only cleanse our body from a cycle of stress and toxicity, we cleanse our energy which also can be depleted. The Full moon energy supports a release. Haven’t you often wondered why emotions are heightened during the full moon? A bath ritual which is the ultimate self care will give you time to observe those heightened emotions and make the most of them with clarity and calm. What I love most about a bath is I feel the tea and the water wash away the day which can often be filled with stress and negativity, so take this march full moon and give your self a time out to relax and reflect, and embrace your lunar being.

Ritual Rx:


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