Hot Water Immersion vs Showering

Hot water immersion is healing. We’re not telling you to abandon your morning shower when it comes to keeping your body clean. However, in terms of self-care, daily bathing is deeply therapeutic on all levels of your being in ways that a shower can’t match. Regular baths help dissolve stress, relax an anxious mind, and soothe aching muscles and joints. But the therapeutic effects of bathing are far from abstract: Hot water immersion for healing is an ancient practice, and the benefits are well documented. 

In a 2018 study published in the journal Hindawi, Yasuaki Goto, PhD, and researchers from the ONSEN Medical Science Research Center, Tokyo City University, and Jichi Medical University in Japan found that regular bathing is more beneficial to both mental and physical health than showering is. While showering is common worldwide, the Japanese have long used whole-body, hot water immersion (bathing) for both its therapeutic and beautifying effects. By increasing blood flow, hot water baths help boost detoxification, oxygen levels, and nutrients throughout the body, resulting in some remarkable benefits. 

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The study’s authors observed 38 participants who bathed for 10 minutes per day for two weeks, followed by two weeks of 10-minute showers. Researchers found that participants' visual analog scores showed significantly higher improvements in skin quality, immunity, energy levels, and chronic pain with bathing (whole-body hot water immersion) than with showering. Emotional and mood state scores also revealed that hot water baths resulted in less anger, depression, and stress in study participants. 

Even though this study’s sample size was small, previous research shows that people who take regular hot water baths have better overall health, report increased levels of joy and happiness, experience less stress, and sleep more deeply. 

Baths Are A Cleansing Experience

While showers are efficient for cleaning your body, bathing is cleansing on a much deeper level. Dr. Goto found that hot water immersion increases the elimination of metabolic waste materials in the body. When we tell you that your Pursoma bath is working wonders in terms of detoxification, you can trust that these effects are very real. 

A shower is a cleaning experience and a bath is a cleansing experience.

Shannon Vaughn, Founder & CEO of Pursoma

When you take a hot bath (the hotter the better), the body is exposed to multiple healing factors,

including elevated body and blood temperature and relief from the pull of gravity via floating. Not only does regular bathing make you healthier, but it also beautifies the body and skin. Essentially, bathing can help simulate the nourishing environment of a mother’s womb, helping to restore, refresh, and deeply relax your body and mind. With the addition of hand-harvested, raw sea salts, pure clays, algae, and essential oils, Pursoma baths amplify the results of hot water bathing with healing, unprocessed, and always unrefined ingredients. As such, regular Pursoma soaks truly transcend what it means to clean your body: We invite you to cleanse your being, in both body and mind, by committing to a daily bathing practice. 

So, find your favorite soak, disconnect from technology, and carve out some time to take care of you. Just 20 to 30 minutes in the bath each day can help you relax your mind, rest, and connect with yourself more deeply. You spend your life caring for others, so create space to love yourself, too. 

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