How to Feel Good: Shannon Shares Her Wellness Routine

How do you make sure all of the important things in life get done? You make them part of your daily schedule. Same goes with wellness. Pursoma Founder Shannon Vaughn shares her daily wellness routine that makes living with health issues, environmental toxins, and life stressors that much easier.

At a young age, Shannon was diagnosed with two significant health issues – the possibility of not being able to have children, plus advanced PTSD due to exposure to a war zone while living in the Middle East. Facing the possibility of surgery and a lifetime of medications wasn’t acceptable to Shannon, which led her to add wellness habits into her lifestyle.

Now Shannon is committed to sharing her journey to feeling great with the wellness tips she discovered along the way. Here is a look at her daily routine.

“Self-care isn’t an indulgence. It’s a birthright.”

Shannon Vaughn



Shannon’s Daily Wellness Routine

How do you find time to make wellness a part of your everyday ritual?

I try to stay on track, drink enough water, meditate, exercise, take a bath, and eat well. When I don't have time to do all of those, I choose one of my wellness habits and focus on it for that moment. I also feel much better when I take supplements regularly, especially important after having a child because it causes changes in your chemistry and your system needs more oomph.

What does your morning wellness routine look like?

Ideally, I am up at 6:30 a.m  to meditate and read for 15 minutes. I have coffee and begin going through my email, see my daughter off to school, and then either exercise or go to work. 


What does your nighttime routine look like?

I always take a bath and I actually mean this! Everyone jokes about me hiding away and bathing but I truly feel like it cleanses away the day. There is so much contact from other people, some good energy and some bad, and I feel that taking a bath leaves me 20 minutes to myself to reflect on my day and think without any interference.

What do you do when you feel stressed?

I do breathing exercises and remind myself of my reality, my goals, what I am grateful for. And then I move on.

What do you do when you feel unwell?

I rarely feel unwell.

Do you meditate?

Yes, daily.

How do you eat for wellness?

I’m 90% vegetarian, with some fish and occasional meat if I’m on a local farm. My diet includes a lot of vegetables and I prepare 99% of my food. I live in NYC most of the year but I still cook at home because I don’t feel well when I eat outside the home. I also like to change my diet during the seasons. In the winter and fall I always eat warm food and in the summer I eat room temperature, but I steer clear of eating cold foods entirely. I’m always adding things like seeds and bee pollen to my food for extra nutrition.


What are your sleep habits?

I try very hard to go to bed without a phone and read instead. This allows me to focus on winding down and going to sleep. When I try to answer texts and emails before bed, I feel disrupted and do not rest well.


How do you exercise?

I do outdoor bike riding and indoor peloton. It’s super efficient and fun! I also box with a boxer and love jumping rope.

Is rest a part of your wellness practice?

Yes, for sure. Sometimes on a weekend I’ll take my daughter out for a bit, then swap off with her dad and come home and not leave the house. My grand plan for a weekend is to stay at home and rest.

Do you practice wellness habits with your family?

Yes, we all eat very, very healthy. We limit my daughter’s screen time and her dad rides about 40 miles on a bike every morning. Even our extended family, like my daughter’s caregiver, goes to the gym, cooks vegetarian recipes, and makes my daughter green smoothies for breakfast. So, yes. We are all on board.

What is a good place to begin when creating a new wellness practice?

Managing and balancing your connectedness to technology. If you don’t set boundaries and practice digital wellness you cannot be well. Tech is meant to improve our lifestyles and make things easier, not run our lives. Scheduling time away from your phone and laptop will help you with sleep, anxiety, and time management. You may even find you have a bit more time in your day for self-care.

What are the advantages to the way you feel with your wellness practice?

Well, I always thought I was a very healthy person. But as I changed my diet and mindfulness habits, I became more aware of what it truly feels like to be in optimal health and feel great. The best news is that this is available to everyone. Creating a wellness routine makes healthy habits a part of your daily existence. Once you feel the effects of your wellness habits, they become a priority. Taking care of yourself feels good.

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