7 Easy Ways to Make Your Home a Self-Care Sanctuary


One of the best things about self-care? It’s best done at home! If your self-care space is feeling more chaotic than serene, you are going to love these simple tips for creating a self-care sanctuary perfect for practicing daily health-improving rituals right at home. 

7 Simple Ways to Make a Self-Care Sanctuary at Home 

Possibly the most important step in setting up a self-care routine is making the time. We often let our wellness habits get pushed to the bottom of our to-do lists, which is why we recommend scheduling this time in advance by putting it on a calendar. Don’t forget to select the best time of day for you. Does starting the morning right make the rest of your day feel easier? Morning is the best time for your self-care ritual. Love to wind down at the end of the day? Opt for a nighttime routine. Now that it’s on the books, keep reading to learn how you can craft your perfect self-care sanctuary. 

Step #1 Choose a Self-Care Spot in Your Home

The first step in setting up your self-care sanctuary is to designate a spot in your home where the good vibes will take place. The bathroom and bedroom are ideal spaces for soaking, sweating, and restingA comfortable chair is ideal for reading and journaling. Or perhaps you feel your most joyful when you are in the great outdoors. 

Step #2 Declutter Your Space 

It’s difficult to concentrate in a messy office and the same is true for your self-care space. Stash self-care products, towels, and robes in beautiful baskets and put away all other distractions before performing your self-care routine.

Step #3 Create a Beautiful Space 

Tap into what you personally find beautiful. What are the items that give you pleasure and make you feel all cozy at homeMaybe it’s fresh flowers or heavenly scented candles. Perhaps you enjoy fuzzy pillows and soft blankets. Or maybe it’s a certain color that makes you feel your best. Bring these touches into your space so you desire to go there.

Step #4 Tone Down the Tech 

Self-care time is best in airplane mode. Turn off the TV, leave your laptop in the office, and stash your phone (on mute, of course) in a drawer for the time being. Don't fret, the disconnect is only temporary. 

Step #5 Create an Aromatic Ambiance 

Research shows that aromatherapy is helpful in relieving feelings of anxiety and improving the quality of sleep, among other benefits. Get in on the goodness of delightful aromas by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils to a diffuser and use bath products with delightful natural scents. 

Step #6 Set Yourself Up to Feel Your Best 

Hydration and healthy foods are key to feeling good. Be sure to stock your fridge with healthy fruits and vegetables each week to support your wellness routine. One of Shannon’s must-haves for her self-care bathing ritual is placing a pitcher of water and a glass nearby.

Step #7 Tune In to Tune Out 

One of our favorite benefits of self-care is tuning into ourselves and tuning out the hectic natures of the modern world. Be sure to make space for yourself --  tell your family or roommate that it’s YOU time and to please not disturb while you’re in your self-care space. Ask your partner or a friend to watch the little ones, put on your favorite music, and don a pair of noise-canceling headphones to create a serene vibe.

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