Natural Cosmetic Ingredients: How We Source the Best for You

With the natural beauty industry growing at a steady pace, it’s more important than ever before to know what is in the products you purchase. There are many vague marketing claims and buzz words on beauty product labels, and it pays to be able to identify authentic brands from imposters.

One way to do that is to learn how to read ingredient listings. By getting familiar with natural cosmetic ingredients you want to use and those you want to steer clear of, you are strengthening your purchasing power and avoiding potentially harmful ingredients.

Another way to bolster your beauty buying confidence is to follow brands you can trust. Feel this is easier said than done? There’s one spot on every beauty brand’s website that will tell you all about what they use to create their products. And that’s their ingredient commitment page.

If you can’t find a page on a brand site that spells out, in very clear terms, how they source ingredients, this should be a red flag. Authentic natural brands are proud of their ingredient sourcing efforts and are willing to share this information with you.

We make it super easy for you to know what’s in each Pursoma product by going beyond simply listing the ingredients we use in our products, and sharing completely how and why our ingredients are discovered, selected, sourced, and used in our formulations.

How dedicated is Pursoma to providing you with the highest quality and safest natural ingredients? We’ve created a movement in beauty and wellness through our Founder Sourced Ingredients Initiative (FSI). And we are more than proud to share that with you!

What is Pursoma’s Founder Sourced Ingredient Initiative?

Our FSI Initiative is designed to provide the utmost in transparency to our valued customers and convey the soul-searching work that goes into our natural ingredient selection. 

We also realize this is an issue that goes beyond the world of Pursoma and that the public is hungry for clarity and integrity in the brands they support. That’s why FSI is an invitation to our colleagues, collaborators, competitors, and other natural beauty creators to make transparent and verifiable the provenance of every ingredient, source, and element of products and packaging.

By providing resources for robust wellness and deep beauty, together we will bring attention to the rapidly evolving sciences of health and beauty, the specific qualities of elements and minerals that have so far been poorly regulated (and poorly understood), and traditions of harvesting, native cures, and provincial remedies seldom examined.

We believe that the earth’s bountiful natural resources give us all we need for vibrant health. Pursoma Founder Shannon Vaughn travels the earth to find the natural ingredients we use. All of our product formulations are carefully developed with potent ingredient sourcing form nutrient-rich waters and the primordial earth.

Many natural beauty and wellness companies have joined our FSI initiative and are already working in similar ways. This is truly the new frontier of beauty.

The FSI Verification Guarantee

  •       All products are Founder Sourced.
  •       All product and packaging ingredients are safe, non-toxic, and free of toxic-processing and manufacturing.
  •       Business is done under the Fair Trade standards established by Fairtrade International. FSI brings light and resources to little known farmers, harvesters, their ancient practices around the world, and their families and villages.
  •       Shipment, storage, and packaging of ingredients are sharply regulated to ensure the maintenance of product integrity during shipping.

The more we can collectively certify our ingredients, the more we can call upon other companies to do the same and increase awareness among our customers.

Honesty. Quality. Simplicity. That’s what you get when you shop Pursoma and follow the FSI Initiative.

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