Pair This With That

Our 3lb. soaks — for multiple-uses and multiple benefits — and the oils that enhance them. All you need to feel good from the inside out.

Cleanse Your MIND Bath Soak

A 30-minute cleanse that clears your mind of the day's fast pace and anxiety.
Pair it with: Cleanse Your MIND Oil

Sweat It Out BODY Bath Soak

A 30-minute soak that helps sore muscles recover after a strenuous day or a rigorous workout. Pair it with: Sweat It Out BODY Oil

Digital Detox SLEEP Bath Soak

A 30-minute soak that helps you disconnect from the buzz of technology and rehydrate after draining screen time. Pair it with: Digital Detox SLEEP Oil.


Start with a rough rub-down with a dry brush (here’s ours!). It might look intense but it’s quite soft and feels like you’re exfoliating your body (because you are).  Do dry brushing vigorously enough and you'll start to stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Some tips: 
— Dry brushing is best done before showering. 
— Make sure your skin is completely dry.
— Apply slightly firm pressure.
— Start at your ankle and move in long circular motions.
— Move in the direction towards your heart.

Watch one of our favorites, Melissa Wood demonstrate.

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