Pursoma Team's At-Home Spa Routines


No two at-home spa routines are exactly the same. Your self-care practice is all about you. Your routine should be based on your preferences, schedule, and whatever feels genuinely nourishing to you.

Pursoma bath soaks, body scrubs, farmers’ markets, and candles (plus a little Netflix and Spotify) are just some of the ways that our team makes the most of our downtime. We want you to experiment, play, and find a routine that you love.

You know you’ve got it dialed in when your ‘me-time’ feels soothing, energizing, and is something you look forward to. Even soaking in the tub for just 30 minutes can help you shift out of stressed-out go mode and into deep feelings of peace and relaxation. Self-care and self-love go hand in hand.

If you’re looking for ways to create a spa experience at home, keep it simple, but address your needs on each level of your being. Sweating for half an hour every day is key to staying physically healthy and youthful: Hot baths (as hot as you can stand), your favorite at-home exercise routine, and at-home saunas are essential components of your personal spa sanctuary. Further, meditation can help calm anxiety, clear your mind, increase mental focus, and improve your overall health. Make your bathtime meditation time, too. Take three deep breaths as you immerse yourself in the bathwater, and keep breathing as you relax and sweat in the tub. Also, make sure to hydrate as you bathe. As you lose toxins via sweat, it’s important to rehydrate with fresh, pure water.

No matter how simple or elaborate your at-home spa routine is, know that there’s no act of self-care that’s too small. Every time you make time to unplug and unwind, you replenish your precious inner resources. Even in the most challenging times, there’s always room for joy and simple pleasures. Check out our team video below for ideas and inspiration on how you can get your at-home spa going in no time.

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