The Best Self-Care Routine When You're Under the Weather

A regular self-care routine can help you feel good, especially when you're under the weather. The winter season has its pros (cozy nights beside a flickering fire) and its cons (time spent feeling run down from cold and flu) but that doesn’t mean you can’t have more good days than bad. 

Staying vibrant and energetic during cold and flu season is possible by taking the time to show yourself some personal care. When illness comes knocking, show it the door with these simple tricks to add to your self-care routine for a feeling of overall wellbeing.

3 Tips for Your Self-Care Routine When You’re Feeling Under the Weather

Good old soap and water are your best friends when illness rates are high. The  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends washing your hands often, making sure to lather the backs of hands and between fingers. 

While we take their advice seriously, there are many other ways to keep your immune system in optimal shape that you can do them right at home. We're sharing our top three tips for building a wellness-boosting self-care routine if you find yourself under the weather this winter. 

Self-Care Step #1: Hydrate Inside and Out

Staying hydrated keeps your skin looking healthy and boosts feelings of natural energy. Having a cold or the flu can sap your body of moisture and make you feel even worse. Try sipping tea or water with lemon to make your hydration taste yummier.

Be sure to hydrate from the outside too. Naturally hydrating ingredients, like algae and sea salt, are perfect when the body is under stress. Add another soak (or two!) to your regular routine when you’re sick.

Self-Care Step #2: Nourish Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

It’s easy to forgo wellness strategies when you don’t feel your best. When you’re tired, low energy, nauseous, or suffering from headaches, self-care may be the last thing you consider when it’s hard getting through the day but it’s so worthwhile.

Whether it’s a soak in the tub or a short time meditating, taking time for yourself when you are feeling under the weather lends a calming sensation to mind and body, helping you reconnect with yourself on a deeper level, bestowing an overall feeling of health and wellness.

Self-Care Step #3: Do a Digital Detox

Limiting screen time is an easy way to instantly stress less and ground yourself in healing mentality. When you are spending more time in bed or sitting around due to illness, scrolling through a social feed, checking your messages, and getting a little bit of work done from home may be your go-to. But staring at a screen can make you feel even more stressed. This is not ideal for getting over what ails you.

Pick up a book, take a nap, crack a window and breathe in the fresh air, or hop in the tub instead. Our Digital Detox Bath is the perfect antidote for too much screen time.

Getting adequate sleep at night, eating a healthy diet, and steering clear of sick friends and coworkers are simple ways to feel your best all year round. Give your skin, body, and mind what it deserves this season. You're worth it.


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