The Ultimate Self-Care Sunday Routine

If your weekends end in a case of the ‘Sunday Scaries’ reconsider your approach to how you greet the coming week. Self-Care Sunday is your opportunity to reimagine your downtime, nurture yourself, and reset before your routine resumes on Monday. Instead of feeling anxious as the weekend comes to a close, you can bid adieu to Sunday feeling rested, nourished, and ready for the days ahead.

Setting up an at-home spa is as simple as grabbing your favorite soak or scrub, disconnecting from your devices, and taking space to honor your need for care. And don’t hesitate to set the mood: Dim the lighting in your bathroom or light a candle, set some fresh flowers out, and choose your favorite track from the Pursoma playlist on Spotify. Simple steps such as these create space for you to slow down, focus on you, and reconnect with a sense of inner peace.

Also, therapeutic bathing is deeply healing for both your body and your mental well-being. Remember, there’s never been a time where it’s more important for you to make your health a priority, so carve out some time and reclaim Sunday as a true day of rest. Explore these six tips for creating a peaceful and restorative Self-Care Sunday routine.

Disconnect From Tech & Reconnect To You

Before you step into the tub to enjoy a therapeutic soak, make sure to place your phone on airplane mode. Carving out space in your day for tech-free time is critical to getting centered, focused, and relaxed. Whatever needs your attention will be there after your spa time (or tomorrow), so take time for you, shut off those notifications, and unplug.

Choose Your Favorite Scrub Or Bath Soak

Whether you want to give your skin some love with your favorite scrub or dive into your favorite Pursoma detox soak, we have just the product to meet your Self-Care Sunday mood. Each of our formulas contains hand-harvested sea salt for exfoliation and powerful detoxification. Our essential oil blends will clear your mind, elevate your senses, and can help ease anxiety.

Set The Mood To Boost Your Well-Being

Creating a sanctuary space in your bathroom can be as simple as lighting a candle and dimming the lights. Fresh flowers or living plants can also uplift the atmosphere and help you feel more serene, relaxed, and joyful. Observe how different colors make you feel or how changes in lighting affect your mood. By making your at-home spa more beautiful in simple and accessible ways, you send a message to yourself that you are worthy of nurturing.

Hydrate, Hydrate, & Hydrate Some More

Before you jump in the bath, make sure to fill your favorite water bottle with pure, filtered water. Drinking plenty of water each day is essential to optimal health and effective detoxification. Also, the hotter your bathwater, the more you’ll sweat in the tub — and this is a good thing. By deepening your sweat by soaking in hot water with our pure, natural sea salt, you help your body cleanse, increase blood flow, and deliver nutrients more effectively. Sipping on freshwater as you bathe helps replace fluids as you sweat it out in the tub.

Cleanse Your Mind As You Breathe

Make bathtime your meditation time. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth three times as you settle into the tub. Relax and quiet your mind as you deeply inhale. Research shows that regular meditation helps create mental health, clarity, and a more joyful outlook on life. Further, when you breathe in essential oils, scent molecules travel to the part of your brain that governs your emotions. As such, inhaling essential oils can help promote feelings of well-being while soothing anxious thoughts.

Show Yourself Some Post-Bath Love

Creating a nourishing self-care routine includes simple practices that engender self-love and convey self-respect. Before you step into the tub, make sure to have a fresh towel, comfy slippers, and a soft robe ready for after your soak. After your bath, grab some Pursoma body oil and massage into your skin while still slightly damp. Make sure to lie down and rest after bathing as you continue to sweat while your body cools down.

Between daily obligations and weekend errands and chores, you might lose sight of when to press pause and make time for you. Creating a Self-Care Sunday routine can help restore your energy and gain a sense of centeredness for the week ahead. Taking an hour to create your spa space, soak, sweat, and rest can have profound effects on your body-mind state of being. No matter what the week ahead may bring, you have the strength to face it.


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