How to Use Aromatherapy For Better Sleep

Creating a comforting bath time to bedtime routine is a beautiful way to add a structure to your evening that promotes better sleep. Both moms and children can benefit from this time together. Making space to disconnect from technology, connect with yourself and your loved ones, and unwind from your workload can be a deeply healing part of the day. Further, adding aromatherapy to your evening self-care routine can help calm your mind and soothe your senses after a stressful day.

Set The Mood For Peaceful Sleep

As you begin to wind down in the evening, note that a rest-promoting atmosphere can soothe both parents and children as the day draws to a close. Think of things that feel soft and gentle as you plan out your routine. As you prepare for your daily soak, dim the lights, play beautiful music, and diffuse essential oils throughout the house as you run your bathwater. Not only are these habits calming to both mind and body, they create a self-care ritual you can look forward to.

Additionally, using soft lighting, neutral colors, and aromatics in the bedrooms can help create a comforting mood, for both parents and babies. Turn the lights down, take some deep breaths, turn down the covers, and prepare your space for rest. Then, set your devices on airplane mode, jump in the tub for your 30-minute soak, and make sure to sip on pure water to rehydrate as you bathe.

If you’re a mom and it’s also bath time for baby or young children, make sure to note that we don’t recommend detox bathing for anyone under the age of 12. If you have young children, make sure to keep your bathwater below 100 degrees Fahrenheit and feel the water with your hand before placing your little one in the tub. Warm, not hot, water is best as children’s delicate skin is more sensitive.

The Gentle Power Of Mise En Place

Using the practice of mise en place can set the tone for your nightly routine. Mise en place means “everything in its place” and it can help ease anxiety by adding a sense of order to your self-care practice. Before you bathe, set out a soft towel, robe, and slippers for after your bath. Make sure to have your favorite bath treatment ready to go, a liter of fresh water for sipping as you soak, and your favorite hydrating body oil for a skin-nourishing after-bath treatment.

For young children and babies, we recommend our Purbebe Starry Night Oil for gentle massage after bath time. Purbebe keeps your little one’s skin soft and soothed, while providing gentle aromatherapy that promotes relaxation and sleep.

Using Aromatherapy For Deep Sleep

Establishing mental and physical calm before sleep is essential for ensuring deep rest each night. Aromatherapy is the ancient practice of using plant extracts to support better moods and peace of mind. When you inhale essential oils, their scent molecules travel to the part of your brain that governs emotions via the olfactory nerves. This is why diffusing essential oils can feel so uplifting.

“Adults are no less sensitive to scent than children are. When something aromatic fills the air, it can give you a sense of calm. Using aromatherapy is a beautiful way to create a soothing environment, not only for the parent from bath time to bedtime, but also the child.”

— Shannon Vaughn, Founder & CEO of Pursoma

Our steam distilled and therapeutic grade essential oils are completely pure and natural. This is why our bath treatments help elevate your mood and relax your mind while detoxifying your body. By creating a bath time to bedtime routine that incorporates the healing power of aromatherapy, you’re easing your body into rest mode to ensure the deepest sleep possible, for both you and baby.

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