Weighing In

The (parmesan) chickens have come home to roost. Since the lockdown was announced last March, and my dining room became my office, I have not denied myself a single bite of what I have craved: seconds at dinner, pie for breakfast, milked-up coffee drinks in the late afternoon. The Oreos in the cupboard? My idea. In fact, the entire contents of the snack drawer have become a personally curated collection of comfort food that has everything to do with me and nothing to do with its original purpose of treating my son and his friends. Yes, I’ve had a good run, but the price has been steep. “Tight” doesn’t even describe my wardrobe. “Two sizes up” is more on point. As a friend recently and angrily bemoaned, “I’m so hungry, but my pants are so tight!” What’s a girl to do?


Yes, I agree I’m to love myself no matter how much I weigh. But it’s an indisputable fact that weight is a measurement of health, and when my weight is off track, everything—from sleep to my back problems to my immune system—is out of order. So, when I could barely zip up the winter parka I purchased during pregnancy, I knew it was time to take action. I opted to return to what I know works for me: a structured dietary program called Noom that encourages daily behavioral changes and provides unlimited access to a personalized goal specialist, healthy recipes, educational resources, customized tips and tricks, and a community of people with similar goals. See, for me, weight gain is a reflection of not being in community, of tackling struggles and stresses alone. And 2020 was, in many ways, all about isolation. Community is why WW (formerly Weight Watchers) is so wildly, perennially successful: They’re a nation of people who link up to share their day-to-day struggles and successes and offer attagirls (and attaboys) as they do the hard work to regain health.


One of the objectives behind the four-week program is identifying and replacing one bad habit a week with one healthy habit — while in quarantine, while working from home, while homeschooling. Talk about the odds stacked against me. Not to be undone by a challenge, my first shift is to move more by taking a post-lunch, 15-minute walk around the block with my son in between his virtual learning sessions and my work calls. I’m also electing to remove alcohol and sugars from my life for the next month, so my one indulgence is having a before-bed Pursoma detox soak with clay (yahoo for Hot Tub and Resurrection). The baths help me clear the toxins I have so liberally ingested of late as well as afford me some QTT (Quality Tub Time) to think about the other lifestyle habits I want to change. The next item on my list? Move my office out of the dining room, don’t you think?  

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