What's the Difference Between Epsom Salts and Sea Salt?

Creating your ultimate self-care ritual includes finding the purest, most effective products, so that you can take loving care of yourself. If you want to emerge from your bathtub feeling like you just took a dive in the sea, we have a soak for that. Also, there’s a key difference between a recreational bath, which is essentially just relaxation with bubbles, and a detoxifying, mind-balancing bath treatment. Environmental, technological, and emotional stressors can exhaust your body and disturb your mental balance. Finding accessible ways to unburden your body and mind is essential to creating a truly nourishing self-care routine. From sunup to bedtime, step-by-step throughout your day, you can make simple yet powerful choices that help you recuperate on all levels of your being.

Incorporating holistic bathing treatments into your daily regimen is about resting, clearing your mind, and detoxifying your body as you bathe and sweat. A bathtime routine is your opportunity to reclaim your serenity while deeply cleansing your body. And you don’t have to trek to an elite spa to feel better. Self-care and self-empowerment go hand in hand. You can take charge of your own well-being, especially when access to restorative treatment services may be limited due to coronavirus restrictions. With a few key products and tools, you can create a natural home spa all your own.

Not All Bath Treatments Are Created Alike

If you’re just getting into detox baths, you might not know what’s available beyond your typical drugstore Epsom salt soak. But we’re here to tell you that there’s a whole watery world beyond the humble Epsom salt, and it’s your time to dive in! What does this difference in bath treatment formulas mean to you? Think chemically processed salts versus unrefined, natural sea salts.

Named for the spot in England where they’re found in natural springs, the Epsom salts that end up in your pharmacy are highly refined and processed. This milled salt is made of magnesium sulfate, which is probably why it feels relaxing as a soaking treatment. However, natural sea salts, like those used in our Pursoma bath treatments (we’re partial to the French grey variety), are used in their raw, natural state. As such, they’re chock-full of healing and beauty-enhancing minerals, which aid in deep pore cleansing and mega skin hydration. Sea salt baths help create gorgeous skin, and the benefits to your overall body and mind can be profound. Our French grey sea salt contains 82 vital trace minerals. It can help fire up your circulation while replacing precious electrolytes.

Discover The Power Of Raw, Natural Sea Salts

Our coarse grey sea salts are never sprayed with chemical processing agents or oven-dried. They’re hand-harvested wet, shipped to our facilities wet, and used raw as nature intended. The ingredients in our soaking treatments are maintained in their total purity, so that you can detoxify, sweat, and recover as deeply as possible as you bathe.

Also, unlike Epsom salts, natural sea salts may have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help soothe achy joints and muscles while easing anxiety. This is why emerging from a sea salt-based bath treatment can feel so euphoric. A deep sense of mental clarity combined with major body-balancing is possible with just one soak.

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