You Need A Digital Detox… But How?

Phone. Laptop. Bank apps. Tracking steps. Netflix browsing. Instagram scrolls. Zoom meetings. The list goes on. In a world where every adult spends around 11 hours a day listening, watching and interacting with media—it’s no wonder that we need a break. 

Add on a pandemic (and working from home) and research shows that we’re running on digital outlets on the outside, but running pretty low on spiritual balance and mental wellness on the inside. And research says that limiting your social media use to approximately 30 minutes per day improves overall well-being—decreasing symptoms of loneliness and depression.⁠ 30 minutes is all you need. Isn't that magical? ⁠

But is a ‘digital detox’ really possible? Here’s some different ways that will help you unplug and rebalance.

  1. Don’t always have devices on you. Putting them somewhere else means you’ll only use them when you need them — not just to fill time. Leave your phone in another room while you sleep, so you avoid waking up, using it and interrupting your sleep. Outside of our bedrooms, we can create other No-Phone Zones. The dinner table, for example, is an opportunity for families to agree to put phones away for at least 30 minutes and reconnect.
  2. Is it giving you feelings of joy? The KonMari Japanese technique that has helped people declutter is just as helpful for figuring out if digital appliances are serving you in a way that is meaningful. Ask yourself that question when you go to pick up your phone or turn your TV on.
  3. Live minimally. Maybe you don’t need a TV in your bedroom. Maybe you only need one in the whole house, so it feels a little bit more special? Try limiting the amount of devices in your home all together.
  4. Part with the things that make you feel icky. Maybe reading the news on Twitter feels toxic or makes you feel unhappy. Limit your time to 20 minutes a day or maybe only allow yourself Instagram on weekdays so that you are more present with your family during the weekends. What feels good? Try different things and see what works.

And last but not least. We’ve formulated our Digital Detox soak so that you can practice disconnecting and being more present with yourself. Made of French Green Clay and Sea Salt, it is:

  • Is an all-natural sleep aid.
  • Fights "Wired and Tired" Syndrome.
  • Is perfect for those who spend hours daily on digital devices.


We promise it will help you reduce the poor quality sleep, tension and stress that often result from overuse of technology.

how to detox in five easy steps

We’ve found that combining a meditation practice with your daily baths can do amazing things for the mind, body and especially—the soul. Pour our “Digital Detox” into your tub, then sit quietly. Close your eyes. Just listen. Let the sounds come and go. Feel your body become weightless in the water. Become attuned to even the tiniest of feelings. This is called “checking in with yourself” and checking out of the chaos. 

  1. DISCONNECT and put your devices in airplane mode.⁠
  2. HYDRATE throughout your experience by drinking plenty of water.⁠
  3. POUR entire contents of bag into hot bathwater.⁠
  4. SOAK in tub for 20-30 minutes of unplugged serenity.⁠
  5. SWEAT & REST under a blanket or robe as your body continues to detoxify through perspiration.

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