Coveteur Press

 “This bath is no joke. Put down your cell phone. Shut off the computer,” reads the label on the mineral-rich sea salts I’m about to pour into my tub full of hot water. The directions are specific, which I like "

Goop press

"If you’re skeptical about baths, though, I say go straight for the ultimate: Pursoma. The instructions on the package include a warning: “This bath is no joke,” and the people at Pursoma are definitely not kidding."

Violet Grey Press

"While serious bath time is not ingrained in American culture—think Julia Roberts rocking out to Prince in 
Pretty Woman or Doris Day’s phone convo in Pillow Talk—the brand’s Digital Detox Bath is sure to make you a tub devotee."

Elle Press

"Turns out "this stuff" was little more than clay powder and French grey sea salt. And while those ingredients may sound simple, they're reputed to be highly effective at drawing out toxins."

well+good press

"Fun fact: You don’t necessarily need an infrared sauna or a crazy-intense workout to get your sweat on—just a bathtub and 20 minutes can do the trick."

byrdie press

"Pursoma is looking to temper the idea of a "digital detox" to something quite reasonable for the average working woman by recognizing that she can't just drop everything and disconnect for days without consequence" 

refinery29 press "Pursoma's line of bath mixes is one of the most luxurious out there — and there's a reason. The Resurrection Bath is jammed with eco-certified French green clay, sea salt, and wild-harvested spirulina and laminaria for deep skin hydration."

"On top of circulation and the soothing of sore or tired muscles, bathing helps your body detox quicker and more effectively."