The body is composed of 60% water, we need to constantly replenish what we lose throughout the day. Drinking sufficient water boosts your metabolism and helps the body properly break down food. Water is the best detoxifier to help flush out toxins.

We believe at Pursoma that water is the first step towards hydrated skin, it’s simple; drinking three liters of water per day is the first step towards having beautiful skin.

How to Use


Step 1: Fill your beauty bottle with water

Step 2: Drink 1st bottle of water 30 minutes before food 

Step 3: Drink 2nd bottle of water midday; 1 hour after eating

Step 4: Drink3rd bottle of water in the evening before dinner or after dinner and at least an hour before bed 

​Step 5: SPICE UP your water by adding cucumber slices, berries, mint leaves, ginger, lemon slices. Get creative.


BPA free plastic 

Do not put into the dishwater, hand wash is preferred


Net Wt. 7 oz / 198 g

The Beauty Bottle

$ 15

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