Bathing in the healing minerals of the sea isn't a privilege or luxury. In fact, it's a basic primordial instinct. We are all of the sea (and 60% water), and thus restored by it.

With our modern, busy, fast-paced lives, most of us are lucky if we even get to see the ocean now and then, much less soak in it.

We’ve come to believe self-care rituals are an indulgence we don't have time for or deserve.
Pursoma is going to change that.

We bring the mineral richness of the sea to you with independently founder sourced pure, raw, natural ingredients, and real, proven, evidence-based information about their healing powers.

The pursoma ritual benefits are manifold whether you follow the simple steps, or the advanced ones. We offer an easy, pleasurable entry level detox, plus more details and tips for an advanced ritual here:

pursoma disconnect


Perhaps the only difficult step in this ritual is the first one: put your devices in airplane mode and step away from them. This isn't time to catch up on instagram or emails. It's the time to truly unplug from your tech - and recharge your body batteries. This can be harder for some than for others; and we know you'll want to cheat! But we promise, this hour can be truly transformative and deeply restorative if you can make it through, disconnected.

Advanced Tip: Some people like to light candles, play music, read books, or try to solve their problems during their bath but these can often be distractions. Even "happy thoughts" can sometimes lead astray (you start off on a tropical beach...10 minutes later you're thinking about cellulite and bills.) We suggest: to truly disconnect during your bath experience, you think about nothing. For tips on meditation practice, try this free resource or this book.

pursoma hydrate


We do give a prescription for how much water to drink because we tend to think too little is enough. 8-16 oz before the bath, and another 8-16 oz after is actually ideal. Hydration is a critical part of any detoxification treatment.

Advanced Tip: While Pursoma salt and clay baths help soften and hydrate the skin, drinking warm water before the bath actually helps lower blood pressure, dilutes blood sodium, and will help prevent dizziness or overheating.

pursoma pour


You may have seen other bath salts that come with a tiny scoop or suggest adding a tablespoon or two to your bath water. You've seen your tub. You've seen your body. While using one little scoop per bath may be more economical, you know that's not going to cut it! The entire contents of your Pursoma bath is a dose determined through research to be ideal for achieving detoxification in the average volume range of bath water. So yes, USE THE WHOLE BAG!

Advanced Tip: ...but before you pour, we suggest running the hottest bathwater you can tolerate (unless pregnant or skin barrier is compromised). Studies have shown hot baths lower blood sugar, burn calories, and trigger anti-inflammatory response, which protects us against infection and illness.

pursoma soak


Does 20-30 minutes sound oddly specific? We worked with a leading detox expert to determine the optimal amount of time to soak - where toxins are released from the body, but not re-absorbed, and essential minerals are allowed to penetrate. Less time and you may not experience the full benefits. More and you may have negative side effects from water loss or re-absorption of the toxins drawn out, being held by the salt and clay.

Advanced Tip: We're often asked if you should set a timer to make sure you're getting the full treatment in. The 5-10 minute mark is about where beginners might start thinking about grabbing their phones for a quick peek, or even grabbing a book to avoid the boredom of staring at their feet. Yes, a timer (not your phone) is ok to use your first few baths, but you'll probably be surprised how perfect the timing feels once you ease in to the relaxation.

pursoma rest


As you exit the bath, don't rinse. You'll want the vitamins and minerals to continue to nourish you and the salt to continue to respirate the skin. Immediately wrap yourself in a towel and “Sweat and Rest” under a warm blanket for 15-30 minutes as your body continues to detoxify through perspiration. If you're not sweating, try a blanket over the towel, or try switching to a fresh dry towel that doesn't have cooling water.

Advanced Tip: So if you can't resist the urge to grab your phone, get dressed and get back to "life" after your glorious bath experience, will you undo all the good it's done? No - your body will continue to absorb the minerals so long as you don’t rinse them off. Sweating opens the pores more deeply to allow better penetration and absorption, and avoiding the digital devices, we PROMISE, will help you sleep better. As for the resting part - well that's another miracle in itself.

pursoma cross


We consider dry brushing an essential part of any Detox Beauty ritual. Just before entering the bath, a brisk dry body brushing will slough away dead skin, stimulate circulation, stimulate sluggish lymph nodes, and aid in the elimination of toxins. And yes, there is a "right way" to do this too, so that it moves everything in the right direction: start at your feet and brush upward towards the heart. When you start on your arms, begin at the hands and work upward. Use firm, small strokes upwards, or work in a circular motion. For the stomach, work in a counterclockwise pattern.

Advanced Tip: Our dry brush is the perfect density and firmness to exfoliate and stimulate without damaging the skin. Never press hard or rub with the brush, apply only the gentlest pressure and allow the bristles to do the work.