Being connected through technology is something we can't nor really want to avoid these days. But we do all want to use technology much more safely to help avoid its side effects. 

You need to know about wireless radiation. Your body will thank you.

Adults and children report improved sleep, more energy, fewer headaches and body aches, healthier skin, clearer thinking, less unexplained fluctuation in hormone, blood sugar, and other body regulators, less restlessness, and less anxiety after reducing their exposure to wireless radiation. Sometimes this relief is astonishingly immediate, for other people it happens more gradually. Either way, your body will thank you.

With these steps you can choose to PRACTICE SAFE TECH and set goals to prioritize reducing the stress, damage, and aging these wireless radiation exposures can cause to your body and to everyone you care about.

Cordless phones emit radiation like cell phones so every home phone should have a cord. Cords are your new BFF.  Use wired ethernet and turn off the WiFi radio on your device when available.

The amount of radiation absorbed into the human user decreases very rapidly with distance from whatever wireless device you may be using. Decrease your exposure by increasing your distance.  All device manufacturers advise that each wireless device should be at some distance away from human bodies and brains. For example, printers, computers, and wireless routers instruct that the distance between the device and a human body must be at least 20 cm (about 8 inches).

Wireless enabled devices are always transmitting radiation even when you are not surfing the internet or using the device to talk or message. The only way to stop these emissions is to set the wireless antennas to OFF with "Airplane Mode" or completely power off the device.

Mobile devices distract drivers even if hands-free. Cell phones and streaming tablets and laptops also emit higher power radiation during travel because the metal surroundings create radiation hotspots inside the driver and passenger areas of your vehicle. Going on a road trip and your children?  Download the movies onto the device so that during the trip wireless access is not necessary.

The longer you connect wirelessly, the more radiation you absorb. So keep your wireless phone calls and Wi-Fi use short-whenever possible. We all need internet access and good long phone calls, so be sure you have a landline corded phone and wired home computer to use most of the time. No wireless radiation is emitted from Ethernet cables.

Pew Research reported that 75% of children sleep every night with their cell phone beneath their pillow. Be aware that wireless radiation and light seriously impact our sleep so be sure to power off all screens and electronics well before bedtime. You will be rewarded with more restful, longer sleep.

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