Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
(steam distilled)

  • Add sensory bliss to your bath.
  • Mood altering.
  • 100% Natural.

Intensify your detox experience and provide holistic mind-body healing.  Essential oils are highly concentrated and complex chemical compounds that plants create by transforming light energy to physical matter.  Plants use these essential oils to boost their own immunity and help adapt to their ever-changing environment.  

For us, through their topical application and inhalation, essential oils support our body's own innate phtsical, emotional and psychological recovery, and (soma) transformation.

One of the most profound ways to experience the healing power of essential oils is to add them to a bath.  Here, the aromatic molecules gently volatilize as you soak, encouraging your mind to be still and your system to recalibrate and bring balance.

Products that contain this ingredient: