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Consider this an invitation. First to our colleagues, collaborators, competitors and other creators.

Second to our customers and the public at large.

To our colleagues, we have begun a movement in Beauty and Wellness to make transparent and verifiable the provenance of every ingredient, every source, every element of our products and packaging. We can bring a new transparency to Beauty and Wellness products at a time when the public is hungry for clarity and integrity. Indeed many Beauty and Wellness companies are already working in similar ways and many have joined this initiative.

In providing resources for robust wellness and deep beauty, together we will bring attention to the quickly evolving sciences of health and beauty, to the specific qualities of elements and minerals that have so far been poorly regulated (and poorly understood), and to traditions of harvesting, native cures and provincial remedies seldom examined.

It is the most exciting time in our industry since the days of Max Factor, L’Oreal, Elizabeth Arden and Coco Chanel.

Creators and Founders around the globe are encouraged to contact the Initiative for more information.



  • All products are Founder Sourced.

  • All product and packaging ingredients are safe, non-toxic, and free of toxic-processing and manufacturing.

  • Business is done under the Fair Trade standards established by Fairtrade International FSI will bring light and resources to little known farmers, harvesters, their ancient practices around the world and their families and villages.

  • Shipment, storage, and packaging of ingredients are sharply regulated to ensure the maintenance of product integrity during shipping.

  • You’re invited! Shannon Vaughn and Pursomalife invite Founder-run businesses seeking best-practices in pristine, organic product development and marketing to become FSI verified.

  • The more we can collectively certify our ingredients, the more we can call upon other companies to do the same, and increase awareness among our customers.


Are you a founder? Email FSI at founder@pursomalife.com. You’re already part of this movement!