Hand Harvested French Grey Sea Salt
(sodium chloride)

  • Replenishes Electrolytes.
  • Supplies eighty-two trace minerals.
  • Improves circulation.

We selected French grey sea salt from the coast of Brittany for its high mineral content. This particular sea salt is hand-harvested using time-honored methods – without refining, oven drying or using chemical additives. Mineral-rich ocean water is flooded into ancient Roman salt beds and allowed to evaporate slowly from the sun’s natural heat. This creates intensely powerful salt crystals embedded with over 80 vital trace minerals. Skilled artisans monitor this process and keep the salt beds hydrated – even during the evaporation process – to create a kinetic crystallization effect which intensifies the salt’s nutrients.

Wet cultivated, harvested and packaged while still moist, our sea salt retains all of the sea’s mineral content – unlike other sea salts that are bleached and dried, which can remove much of their vital nutrients.

Prior to harvesting, the artisans perform a final hand-raking of the salt beds to ionize and harmonize the formed crystals, thereby eliminating clay bed particulate and ensuring the salt’s superlative quality. Our salt farmers practice a craft passed down from generation to generation. When harvested using traditional methods, natural sea salts retain their many therapeutic qualities.  

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