Pursoma is headquartered both in New York City, and on Valliant Farm off of Maryland's Chesapeake Bay. Ensconced in natural beauty, our farm environment is an integral part of our mission and how we procure products. It is here where we become conscious of sustainable farming practices indispensable to our products.

When I discovered it was good to get away from bricks and mortar and rub elbows with nature, I knew this was the key to creating products to live well in the modern world.

Shannon Vaughn, Founder



From rural farm life to NYC, we understand the pressures from urban living and the necessary connection to nature, in order to nurture ourselves in this modern dual existence.  It allows us to understand and implement the importance of shutting down, turning off, and connecting to nature and to yourself. Releasing ourselves from technology and embracing digital wellness. With this close relationship to nature, contrasted to living in a feverish urban environment, Pursoma can better understand the needs of our customer. The farm affords us a place to create without a filter, and develop self care practices that truly heal the mind, body and spirit.