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“Nature itself is the best physician.”

- Hippocrates


Beauty Bottle

Sip up. The body is composed of 60% water, we need to constantly replenish what we lose throughout the day. We believe at pursoma that water is the first step towards hydrated skin, it’s simple; drinking three liters of water per day is the first step towards having beautiful skin.


Cleaning & Maintenance

  • hand wash only; do not put into the dishwasher
  • BPA-free plastic


  • The lowest hanging health hack is drinking 3 liters of water per day
  • Improves digestion & cleanses from toxins

net wt. 7 oz / 198 g
BPA-free plastic

Clean Ingredients


Cruelty Free

Sustainable Packaging

How it Works

Drink 3 liters of room temperature water every day

  • 1 full bottle in AM
  • 1 full bottle mid-day
  • 1 full bottle in PM


By Sirina G.


Verified buyer

Verified buyer

My fav

Something about this bottle just helps me drink more water but also track how much I’ve drank in a day. I originally got this from the subscription box but last month I dropped it with it full of water and landed on the side of the bottom rim, cracked and broke. So I definitely had to purchase another. We have other bottles in my house but I just love this one.

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