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"Relaxing and nice! Made a big difference in my post workout healing."

- Bennett N.


Sweat + Rest

Slow Down. Soak. Sweat. Repeat. Sweat & Rest is in the business of “slowing down”. Of turning chaos into harmony. Of turning rock bottoms into awakenings. Of turning “ouches” into “ahhs”. Of turning phones off and clearing minds. With stress-relieving and hydrating magnesium, “ooommm”-inducing essential oils and sea salt (which we believe is the superfood of the earth) — it’s like yoga for your insides.



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  • Calms muscles after a workout
  • Aids in soothing a tired & fatigued body
  • Deep relaxation and a clearer mind
  • Each bag includes one intention-setting stone

single serve
1 bag = 1 bath
net wt. 4 oz / 113 g

multi serve
1 bag = 4 baths
net wt. 16 oz / 454 g

made in the USA.

Clean Ingredients

Cruelty Free

Vegan Product

Sustainable Packaging

How it Works

  • Disconnect — and put your devices in airplane mode.
  • Hydrate — throughout your experience by drinking water.
  • Pour — desired amount of salt blend into hot bath.
  • Soak — in a tub for 20-30 minutes of pure restoration.
  • Sweat & rest — under a blanket or robe as your body continues to detoxify through perspiration.

The Importance of “The Ritual”

Rituals help us navigate a sometimes-chaotic and sometimes-messy world.

Simple gestures ground us — pouring hot tea into your favorite mug in the morning, lighting a candle while cooking your favorite meal, holding onto a blanket that you’ve had since childhood. There’s just something about “the familiar”.

We believe that if you make our products a part of your daily life, a part of your “familiar” — that you are giving yourself space to ground yourself, heal yourself, and revitalize yourself. And you have the opportunity to do that every. single. day. from here on out.

How to do Sweat & Rest


By Christine C.


Verified buyer

Verified buyer

This is a perfect go

This is a perfect go to to really sweat out toxins. After 20 minutes in a warm bath I feel good and will continue to sweat for thirty minutes afterwards. I drink extra water during my bath to help flush out toxins.

By Tracey F.


Verified buyer

Verified buyer



By Anna S.


Verified buyer

Verified buyer

Wonderful scent

Smells Delicious and so relaxing!

By Beth G.


Love it!

Soaking in this is the best part of my day. It calms me, and helps me sleep! The fragrance is fresh and wonderful…

By Erika H.


This bath soak is AHHHH-MAZING!!!

After a good workout or if you have aches and pains, this soak is the Takes care of all your stress and tension in your body and I always sleep like a baby after I soak in this. Hands down one of my favorite soaks from Pursoma!! And the little quartz was a nice little treat :)

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