Dive in.

Dive in.

Epsom is made in factories. Pursoma is made in the sea.

Who We Are

pursoma is your one-stop shop for the best bath ever. We create all-natural, non-toxic, cruelty-free products with sea salt harvested from the land, not the lab (this is not your grandma's artificial epsom soak). Our ingredients offer naturally occurring trace minerals and are produced within a sustainable supply chain. We believe the low-hanging fruits of wellness are sleep and hydration, and our sea salt bath soaks, body scrubs, body oils and more support healthy rituals that you can practice at home.

Whether you're an athlete, a tired parent, managing pain, soothing sore muscles and tired joints, seeking soft and healthy skin, or in need of deep and restful sleep, we are here to help you find the perfect solution for your best bath ever - and you can rest easy and relax knowing your products are formulated and hand-packed with love at our HQ in Easton, MD.

Ocean to Tub: a short story

We invest in the quality and efficacy of ingredients you can rely on for better wellbeing. Our Founder Sourced Ingredients provide a new level of transparency to our sourcing across the globe.

Ocean to Tub

Shop soft skin.

"Pursoma's monthly Self Care Sunday subscription box makes sure you have the tools to reset your mind and body with its curation of relaxing bath and skin products. Expect to receive body scrubs and aromatherapy bath soaks that will make you say "ahh" out loud."



"...every limb, every joint—floating in that bath. When you’re out, you curl up in a robe or a towel and rest and sweat, which also feels out-of-this-world incredible. But what blew my mind was how my body felt the next morning: The same fantastic sensation I’d experienced in that bath itself."

Jean Godfrey-June


"Let the transformation — from a ball of stress to a whole new calm you — begin."


Refinery 29

"If I were Gwyneth Paltrow, I would have an infinite supply of these miracle-workers under my bathroom sink. Alas, I am not."



"After 20 minutes of undisturbed me-time immersed in this ritual, mind and body emerge energized and feeling brand new."




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