"This has been part of my therapy to reclaim myself after the stresses of teaching 500+ elementary students in person and online simultaneously."

- Sidra E.

"Smells lovely and very relaxing."

– Mary C.



Sweet dreams. Close your eyes and inhale. This indigo-hued dreamcatcher bath with a delicate aroma of the pink lotus flower helps with a night of deep sleep, and a morning of purity and enlightenment. This bath is perfect for your full moon, new moon and blue moon ritual.



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  • Deep sleep
  • Pre-sleep relaxation

1 bag = 2 baths
net wt. 8 oz / 227 g
made in the USA.

Clean Ingredients

Cruelty Free

Vegan Product

Sustainable Packaging

How it Works

  • Disconnect — and put your devices in airplane mode.
  • Hydrate — throughout your experience by drinking water.
  • Pour — entire contents of bag into hot bath.
  • Soak — in a tub for 20-30 minutes of pure restoration.
  • Sweat & Rest™ — under a blanket or robe as your body continues to detoxify through perspiration.

The Importance of “The Ritual”

Rituals help us navigate a sometimes-chaotic and sometimes-messy world.

Simple gestures ground us — pouring hot tea into your favorite mug in the morning, lighting a candle while cooking your favorite meal, holding onto a blanket that you’ve had since childhood. There’s just something about “the familiar”.

We believe that if you make our products a part of your daily life, a part of your “familiar” — that you are giving yourself space to ground yourself, heal yourself, and revitalize yourself. And you have the opportunity to do that every. single. day. from here on out.

How to do the Pursoma Soak


By Jacquelyn S.


Verified buyer

Verified buyer

Reclaiming "Me"

This has been part of my Therapy to reclaim myself after the stresses of teaching 500+ elementary students in person and online simultaneously.

By Mary C.


Verified buyer

Verified buyer

Smells lovely and very relaxing

Smells lovely and very relaxing

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